TooFatLardies Wiki

Where to  find people playing Lardie Games


United Kingdom[]

Newmarket &soham wargames club

Clevedon Wargames Club, Somerset

Oxfordshire- Abingdon Wargames Club (email with "FAO Ross" as subject; current games = CDS, DB, Algy)


Kent-Essex Gaming Society (KEGS) Chatham Ontario

United States

South Jersey Confederation of Wargamers  (Cape May Court House, New Jersey)


John Thomas:  US; Central North Carolina, IABSM, TCHAE, TW&T, Algy, LFS

Bob Makowsky US, Northeast, Rhinebeck, NY, IABSM, TW&T, CoC, Algy, Bag the Hun

Paul Blankenship: US, Atlantic County, NJ, IABSM, TCHAE, CDS, CoC, Q13 (will play any Lardy game if you have rules and figs though)

Hugh Harvey US, Chaska, Minnesota, Dux Britanniarum, IABSM, BtH, KMH

Marco Campagna  Italy, Genova  LFS, SP

Len Sutphin US, Fallston, Maryland,  Algy, KMH, BTH

Tom Richardson US Trinity NC, IABSM, TW&T, M&B, DUX

Stewart Gibson: St John's, Newfoundland, Canada, BGH, Algy, IABSM,CoC, Dux KMH, LFS